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HX bugs | GNASH (DOSX)

posted by DOS386(R), 27.12.2010, 09:25

New Win32 binaries of GNASH (SWF player) :

Problems with HX:

* Missing DLL

127F08C 127F67C 0 0 1281AFC 127FCF4 wldap32.dll
ilt iat Hint
127F67C: 128116C 127FCF4: 128116C A ber_free
127F680: 1281178 127FCF8: 1281178 5F ldap_err2stringA
127F684: 128118C 127FCFC: 128118C 6D ldap_first_attributeA
127F688: 12811A4 127FD00: 12811A4 6F ldap_first_entry
127F68C: 12811B8 127FD04: 12811B8 75 ldap_get_dnA
127F690: 12811C8 127FD08: 12811C8 81 ldap_get_values_lenA
127F694: 12811E0 127FD0C: 12811E0 84 ldap_initA
127F698: 12811EE 127FD10: 12811EE 87 ldap_memfreeA
127F69C: 12811FE 127FD14: 12811FE A1 ldap_msgfree
127F6A0: 128120E 127FD18: 128120E A3 ldap_next_attributeA
127F6A4: 1281226 127FD1C: 1281226 A5 ldap_next_entry
127F6A8: 1281238 127FD20: 1281238 D5 ldap_search_sA
127F6AC: 128124A 127FD24: 128124A DD ldap_set_optionA
127F6B0: 128125E 127FD28: 128125E E3 ldap_simple_bind_sA
127F6B4: 1281274 127FD2C: 1281274 E6 ldap_sslinitA
127F6B8: 1281284 127FD30: 1281284 F0 ldap_unbind_s
127F6BC: 1281294 127FD34: 1281294 F4 ldap_value_free_len

maybe 17 dummies would fix the problem :-P

This is a LOGITECH mouse driver, but some software expect here
the following string:*** This is Copyright 1983 Microsoft ***


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