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I don't need enemies - someone else does! (Sandbox)

posted by Luchezar Georgiev Homepage, Bulgaria, 07.10.2007, 09:28

> > I guess, it's time to say "Don't feed the trolls!". So just ignore Lucho.
> > Thanks!

Our admin now acts properly, but where had he been when A.Grech was the Troll?! Look at the thread about the new UDMA/UDVD/XMGR to see his personal insults :-(

> It's already hard enough defending the acceptable uses of DOS without
> fighting amongst ourselves. I mean, why is the DOS userbase so
> dysfunctional? Nobody shed any blood, so why such acrimony? Live and let
> live. "It is good sense in a man to be slow to anger".

100% agreed, but it isn's me who needs enemies. Someone else wrote that he "can't imagine how to live without them" (enemies). I'm even ready to forgive him if he stops attacking me and Jack at last. It'd be a big relieve for us all!

Anyway, my apologies for disturbing you. You won't see posts of mine here again.


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