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translating LFNs into short 8.3 form (Miscellaneous)

posted by roytam(R), 12.01.2011, 09:11

> I found that some Windows programs (mostly port from *nix) are case sensitive on filenames.

It depends. For DBCS (Big5, Shift-JIS, GBK, etc.) the lower byte may consist of A-Z(uppercase) and a-z(lowercase). DBCS-aware applications shouldn't change the case of filename to kernel.

For example, 0xA4 0x50(P) in Big5 is mapped to U+5315, 0xA4 0x70(p) is mapped to U+5C0F. Some Programs, say Quick View Pro, UPPERCASE the filename, which leads to "File not found" error in result.


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