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RJDOS v0.01a experimental tiny DOS shell (BETA with BIG B!) (Announce)

posted by roytam(R), 13.01.2011, 12:45

> I don't care abou lic, once I freed the sources it's for free use.
> Currently I use Datalight miniCMD which takes 3294B but it's very limited
> in function. But all it's necessary is to change path and launch something
> better like micromanager. But would be nice to have something small but
> better. Ia also have General Software mini-COMMAND.COM V2.0 from embedded
> dos 5.0 - 10752 bytes.
> I just tried to apack your rjdos but it makes it bigger :P It usually
> happen on already compressed code or some totally entropic files...

I just got some time and made some development on Datalight's MiniCMD (I have 4.11.1475 sources). Major changes:
- Enabled optional features that originally exists (FULL_PROMPT, IF(if exist), GOTO)
- enhanced DIR (non /W mode) output to display file size, date and time.
- added DIR /W mode (must type with space between "DIR" and "/W")
- added IF ERRORLEVEL support

Missing features:
- ECHOing environment variables
- %0 ~ %9

Debug Listings is available here:


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