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owb under dos/HX | HX 2.17 | viriiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii (DOSX)

posted by DOS386(R), 03.02.2011, 10:09

> You probably need to change code a bit to break the "virus"
> pattern but there may be problem

that you didn't fix any problem at all :clap:

> the "enummode" fix is simple. However, I'm unsure if I
> really should invest more time in this topic

NO :hungry: you didn't break it -> you are not supposed to "fix" it :hungry:

> it's likely to turn out to be a never-ending story.

Right :clap: Just switch to FASM or brew the PE's manually to get even more viriii :clap: and viriiiiii :clap: and viriiiiiiii ... :clap:

> Serious bug reports are welcome.

IIRC I've seen a thread full of such recently, I just can't find it now :-(

> There's currently the problem that a lot of anti-virus
> software has started to flag the binaries in HXRT as
> malware - and consequently, is about
> to be regarded as a source of malware.

Good. Do you get much angry mail about this "BUG" ?

As you are known to be very sensitive about BUG report validity and seriousness, you could just close all those "BUG" 's as INVALID. As prevention measures, just put a warning on your site:

There is no malware on this site. If you don't understand the purpose of the files, don't download them. They are not intended to be tested for virii. I don't accept complaints about such issues, if you have problems, just stop using your "antivirus" or my files.

or switch to 7-ZIP format and encrypt the files with a good password (revealed on your site):

Brain:ON_RTFM:True_Windaube:Out_ParanoidAboutVirii:False :clap:

> Yes, I also "experienced" this. I guess it's due to M$'s great
> "side-by-side execution" invention, which fixed some dozens of
> well-known problems and introduced some dozens of new,
> unknown problems.
> Whenever a program uses newer MSVC runtime dlls ( MSVCRx0.DLL ),
> you may expect such phenomenons. Progress is a delusion.

I see :-(

This is a LOGITECH mouse driver, but some software expect here
the following string:*** This is Copyright 1983 Microsoft ***


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