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test: Arachne 1.95 under FreeDOS (Sandbox)

posted by ron(R) Homepage E-mail, Australia, 10.02.2011, 01:34

> I want to try the SVGALIB/Linux port on old ZipSlack too, but that will
> have to wait for another day. (I imagine it won't work, no huge surprise,
> incompatibilities suck.)

No, it won't work. It was a semi-proof-of-concept only. None of us have the
expertise to make a proper port. Any volunteers ?

> Arachne actually works better than I expected, but it's kinda slow on some
> sites. Also, some sites don't work fully correctly or use too much
> new-fangled, incompatible stuff (Javascript). So it's kinda a crap shoot.

Javascript is a real pain for DOS. It is possible to garner some of the
underlying links, and such, using a plug-in or two, but a full js capability
is beyond any of us developers.

> But anyways, the fact that it works at all is very very cool! I even took a
> bunch of screen caps of various sites with Boreal's SNARF TSR. (DOS386, how
> do you take your screens? BOCHS?)

Arachne has a built-in screen shot (PrintScreen button creates a .bmp).

> My guess is that it's probably not used
> more because nobody can find or setup their packet drivers. :-/

If there is a DOS packet driver for your nic, then Arachne can use it.
There are several collections of packet drivers available, but any new
ones will be welcome.


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