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test: Arachne 1.95 under FreeDOS (Sandbox)

posted by Rugxulo(R) Homepage, Usono, 10.02.2011, 06:04

> > I want to try the SVGALIB/Linux port on old ZipSlack too, but that will
> > have to wait for another day. (I imagine it won't work, no huge
> surprise,
> > incompatibilities suck.)
> No, it won't work. It was a semi-proof-of-concept only. None of us have
> the
> expertise to make a proper port. Any volunteers ?

Hmmm, it doesn't work at all or only barely or ... ?

> Javascript is a real pain for DOS. It is possible to garner some of the
> underlying links, and such, using a plug-in or two, but a full js
> capability
> is beyond any of us developers.

No, I mean, that much was extremely obvious, I never expected anybody to actually do that. Some things even blind optimism can't conquer! Sad that simple hypertext has gotten so bloated, confusing, and complicated where you need gigs of RAM just to read text or download a file. What is it about modern society that makes them add so much fluff and superficiality to everything until it cracks under its own pressure?

> Arachne has a built-in screen shot (PrintScreen button creates a .bmp).

Sorry, I didn't read the docs or scrounge around too hard to find out, just tried what I knew would probably work (and did). But I did halfway suspect there was a built-in feature (easy to implement, I imagine).

> If there is a DOS packet driver for your nic, then Arachne can use it.
> There are several collections of packet drivers available, but any new
> ones will be welcome.

I know there are some, e.g. mostly from Crynwr, but sadly I think there are more network cards than packet drivers, and modern hardware incompatibility is such a PAIN! Argh! *shakes fist*

EDIT: Anyways, ignoring all the (off-tangent) gripes, big congrats to all the Arachne devs for their hard work, it's (still) impressive.


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