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test: Arachne 1.95 under FreeDOS (Sandbox)

posted by Rugxulo(R) Homepage, Usono, 12.02.2011, 01:51

> > Did you already try TASM32 instead of TASM?
> Well, I fixed it by upgrading my TASM. I found TASM 5.0 install package
> with 5.3 updates but TASM.EXE for DOS is ver. 4.1. My TASM was even older
> 4.0. Now it compiles (with some warnings) and recompiled binary seems to
> run.

"TASM is still bundled with Embarcadero C++ Builder and Delphi products. The current version (shipping with 2010 versioned products) is 5.4, Copyright 2009 to Codegear. Therefore, the statement that TASM is no longer maintained is inaccurate."

BTW, Code Gear's Turbo C++ 2006 was "freeware", which is where I grabbed TASM32 5.3 (circa 2000), even though the whole thing didn't install at all (annoying). However, Embarcadero neither hosts that older version nor gives away newer free ones.

There are various TASM-y clones, all of different abilities (none complete), e.g. WASM -zcm=tasm, YASM -ptasm, NoMySo (via Perl) converter, LZASM, etc.

EDIT: Hmmm, "but TASM.EXE for DOS", I do recall that 5.3 was a hybrid .EXE, 32RTM-ish, though I didn't see that (nor DPMI*.OVL), no huge surprise, so I think I ended up running under HX or just using WDOSX's STUBIT on it. It seemed to work fine then, if you're trying to run in real/pure/native DOS.


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