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test: Arachne 1.95 under FreeDOS | wheel+DGJPP (Sandbox)

posted by RayeR(R) Homepage, CZ, 13.02.2011, 15:59

> IIRC it's enabled in Arachne, rather RTFM about CTMOUSE.

Oh yes, I didn't have /O switch as I don't use any other program that support it. It works now, thx.

> Does it use hardcoded mode numbers (VESA 1.x style) ?

Yes it use only VBE 1.x modes, no LFB. There's problem that modes higher than 1024x768 doesn't have fixed mode numbers. I compared it on modern nvidia and ATI and they are different. I'll probably do some quick hack that allows you to override mode number in some config file...

Now I found that printscreen doesn't work in my higher modes and totally mess up the screen. I'll try to fix it but not much interested in this feature. It's evil search through whole code to chceck what else may be affected...

> Possibly true, but it was split off in 1998, so drop all Arachne
> development since that time. Also, that code is not free.

I know but maybe some pirates, leaks, etc... :-D

BTW I use Realtek 8111 ODI driver with packet wrapper and works well:

LOADHIGH rtgeodi
rem odipkt [frame number of Ethernet_II in net.cfg from 0] [Packet INT service in decimal 96=0x60]
LOADHIGH odipkt 1 96

But I have some problem with DHCP (as with most progs that use WATTCP library) it simply doesn't configure and I have to use fixed address that I grab via ipconfig /all from windows. As I don't have fixed IP it's not ideal but fortunately my IP is changing not so often. For more comfort I could make some small tool to parse it and generate wattcp.cfg.
It's specific issue of this library because SWSOCKS configure automatically without problem...

DOS gives me freedom to unlimited HW access.


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