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test: Arachne 1.95 under FreeDOS | wheel+DGJPP (Sandbox)

posted by glennmcc(R) Homepage E-mail, North Jackson, Ohio (USA), 14.02.2011, 01:04

> The printscreen bug was simply cause by too small line buffer. It's piggy
> code with a lot of hardcoded stuff. Anyway, now it's fixed. You can
> download it here (including sources)
> see arachne\sources\!readme.txt for compiling instructions and overriding
> vesa mode numbers.
> a screen of BTTR in arachne 1600x1200
> :)
> EDIT by rr: fixed URLs

Fantastic !!!

My vid card can't do 1600x1200...
but I just tested it at 1280x1024 and it works perfectly.




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