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test: Arachne 1.95 under FreeDOS | wheel+DGJPP (Sandbox)

posted by rayandrews(R), 14.02.2011, 21:00

Hi all,

Good to see some continued interest in Arachne.
If any of you are curious, I have a forked version that has
a few advantages over the stock line. Probably the majority of
Arachne users in the past were opposed in principal to my forking the
code, so I quite understand if no one wants to touch it, but if anyone
does want to have a look, the main points are:

ca. 200K less memory required.
automatic charset selection.
better setup.
complete rewrite of SRC
full integration of xlopif and wattcp libraries
no 'build all' problems
dozens of little bug fixes
basically smoother GUI operation

If I could get someone to give me a hand with TASM, it wouldn't
take long to get the thing ready for porting to 32 bit. I started
getting it NASM compatible, but I know only the first things about ASM,
so I didn't get very far. In the old days I had Michal Tyc and nothing was
impossible :-)

Oh, a few things that some have hated:

Removal of support for museum class hardware (CGA, EGA, <386 processor, etc.)
Small changes to key assignments.


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