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test: Arachne 1.95 under FreeDOS | wheel+DGJPP (Sandbox)

posted by rayandrews(R), 17.02.2011, 17:41

> I wrote:
> > I'll test
> Done! Works (modes added, 1600x1200 throws me back (great card doesn't
> support it ???), 1280x1024 runs, but horrible deformation of the screen
> (great monitor doesn't like it ???), so I pushed RESET before I got some
> fire [image]
> rayandrews wrote:
> > I have a forked version that has a few advantages over the stock
> Where to download ?
> > ca. 200K less memory required
> ??? really 200 KiB of low memory saved ???
> > automatic charset selection.
> > better setup.
> > complete rewrite of SRC
> > full integration of xlopif and wattcp libraries
> > no 'build all' problems
> > dozens of little bug fixes
> > basically smoother GUI operation
> COOL :-)


I have been busy at work the last few days, I'll get that uploaded soon. However,
Glenn McC has always hosted it on his site, but it's not usually visible on his homepage. I can't remember the URL right now, I have to boot DOS to find it. You can ask at AQCCC.

BTW, the above progress has not come cheep, there are always bugs in my core due to a low number of testers and I run some dangerous experiments. If you work with my fork you must expect some pain, ask Ron, Eric, and Glenn ;-))


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