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test: Arachne 1.95 under FreeDOS | wheel+DGJPP (Sandbox)

posted by rayandrews(R), 18.02.2011, 21:33

> > Glenn McC has always hosted it on his site, but it's not usually visible
> Space for improvements ? Document than Glennmcc doesn't develop Arachne
> anymore since 1.95 release in 2008-Dec, but RayAndrews does, plus link ;-)

I just looked at Glenn's site '' but I see no reference to my
fork, where did you see that?
> > If you work with my fork you must expect some pain
> I'll test (as soon as I find something to test) :hungry:
> BTW: is there a version history (up-tp-date, ending in 2011) ?
> PS: did you really save 200 KiB of low memory ?

About. It's hard to give an exact figure since my core grabs all the memory it needs on startup
whereas std. core grabs memory as needed via malloc(), thus, std. core requires a lot of 'free memory' to run, whereas my 'free memory' is really *free* -- you can use all of it for other things like TSR's and the core is unaffected. But, with std. core, if 'free memory' drops below a certain point, sometimes it will crash, sometimes just slow down, so it's hard to make an exact comparison. Std. core has a 'red zone' with free memory below 160K IIRC, but I have none, since 'free' is really free.


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