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"glennmcc . org/rayandrews" files | source code | WATCOM (Sandbox)

posted by rayandrews(R), 19.02.2011, 16:55

> Glennmcc disagrees, see other forum ;-)

Ok, we can argue about it there. As I said, the exact amount is
hard to say. As it is now, my core uses maxed out stack (64K) although
32K is probably fine, also, several buffers are now bigger than needed.
At times my core has given 230K free. Anyway, you will see for yourself.
Load TSR's till 'free memory' is almost zero, and there will be no

> CORE.EXE 2008-07-29 So your distro is even older than Glennmcc's
> 2008-Nov/Dec release :-(
I haven't done any work for a few months.

> The latest one has none.

Better not play with the latest cores, they are buggy fo sure!

> BTW, is there a system behind your file naming ? I can't discover any ...

I should have a better system. But names for cores follow a very careful
pattern: "2k-45"

'2k' is 'major build' this indicates a new keywords file, and that I have
backed up to a new arachive directory here. No one needs to know about
that but me, of course, but I do need to know it.

'45' is 'minor build', after '99' it cycles back to '10'. In my sources
backups are done with just two letters:


thus, I have dozens of 'guievent.c45' over the years. The 'major build' is
thus the name of the directory in which any set of backups can be found:


Anyway, it lets me keep track of everything. I can restore any build going
back years in just a few seconds.

> I see that you removed the libraries and turned the source into one "flat"
> package of C and H and ASM files, but no compiling instructions or
> requirements. Any chance to upgrade the compiler to WATCOM ? WATCOM could

Right, it is perfectly flat, no special compiler pragmas or anything. This
made it possible to integrate the libs much more tightly, since there's no
need to go through 'official channels' to get at the functionality.

> compile both an 8086 version and a 32 bit version too :-)

Well, these are all things to explore. I've never used WATCOM myself, but
of course it's all open to discussion. I had been thinking about DJGPP,
and for that I was trying, as I said, to get the ASM ported to NASM, and I
did some work, but much more to do. Especialy, I don't know how to edit
the ASM for 32 bit instructions.


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