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MUPDF/DGJPP test release! (Users)

posted by Doug(R) E-mail, 20.02.2011, 06:37

> Yipy yeee!
> I finally fixed my broken system headers (I hadn't luck with include_next
> so I renamed original conflicting djdev headers to *dj.h and then replaced
> include_next *.h to include *dj.h) and finally was able to compile the
> MuPDF package. Of course there's no mupdf.exe itself coz it depends on
> win32 stuff but pdfdraw.exe works fine, go ahed to test it!
> (click "stahnout" and then enter captcha)
> (sources and all libs inluded, modified to compile libs separately)

Just saw the message about the graphical MuPDF -- so maybe this
note is moot. Nevertheless, i already typed it out, so here it
is anyway....

Ok, i've dome some preliminary work with RayeR's DGJPP PDFDraw.
It took every PDF i threw at it, and i'm impressed with it's
speed. Very nice (and quick!) work, RayeR!

I've caught a few (of those Unix-inspired) "gotcha's" in the
program (tested under 4DOS 8.0 and MS-DOS COMMAND.COM 7.1):

Options are case sensitive, as you will notice when you do the -?
help request.

However, the filename extension for the "-o" (output file) option
is *also* case-sensitive: it must be lower-case for the
png/pam/ppm/pgm specification or else nothing gets written to
disk! (Being an original PC-DOS head, stuff like this drives me
nuts! I don't realize it for awhile, and wonder why the program
doesn't work. Particularly in batch files, i like to use
capitalization to make things clearer.)

Also, with multiple-page PDF files, each succeeding output image
file will overwrite the previous, leaving only the final one on
disk. To keep them all, you need to use the %d variable in the
output-filename specification. So, for example, to save all
pages from a multi-page .PDF, you need to do something like:

pdfdraw -o out%d.png origfile.pdf

But, %d (as is) doesn't seem to work in 4DOS. You need to double
the % sign with 4DOS, as in:

pdfdraw -o out%%d.png origfile.pdf

(To reiterate, the single %d works ok with COMMAND.COM. But...
does anybody even use COMMAND.COM anymore?)

Anyway, these are just minor issues -- it's totally great to have
an up-to-date and quick way to display PDFs... in DOS... in the
year 2011! Who'd a thunk it....

- Doug B.

P.S. "Quick" meaning quicker than XPDF+Ghostscript -- making a
.PS from a .PDF using PDFTOPS (XPDF), then making an image file
from the .PS using Ghostscript, and finally displaying the image
file. Even with a batch file... slow... creaky....


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