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MUPDF/DGJPP test release! (Users)

posted by travolter(R), 20.02.2011, 14:52

Hey!!! this pdfreader is working!!!God job pal!!

Here some questions and comments:

- I testing Vs foxitreader (win95) and foxit scroll down the images faster than mupdf :( . I was testing options in the CFG file.. but nothing improves the speed.
I hope more tweaks into the program will boost the image viewing speed

-when you press the right arrow to load the next page.. the image is displayed at same position than previous one loaded. For example if you scroll down to read the end of a page and you press right arrow.. the next page is loaded and it shows the bottom of the page.

- There is a key or option into the cfg file to load the images to fit screen weight?

Its a test.. but Im amazed with the results!!! Keep the work pal!


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