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MUPDF/DGJPP test release! (Users)

posted by Rugxulo(R) Homepage, Usono, 21.02.2011, 02:31

> > But, %d (as is) doesn't seem to work in 4DOS. You need to double
> > the % sign with 4DOS, as in:
> >
> > pdfdraw -o out%%d.png origfile.pdf
> I run into same problem, I didn't know about double %%.
> > (To reiterate, the single %d works ok with COMMAND.COM. But...
> > does anybody even use COMMAND.COM anymore?)
> I do (original MS-DOS 6.22 - as a reference for compatability)

IIRC, 4DOS accepts "%blah" as a shortcut to "%blah%". Also, keep in mind that normal .BATs need "%%" inside to represent "%" for syntax reasons. Try this:

@echo off
echo Hello %world
echo Hello %%world

EDIT: BTW, old MS-DOS 6.22's COMMAND.COM (unless I'm remembering incorrectly) doesn't accept %blah% on raw cmdline (outside of .BAT), but newer versions from Win9x do. At least FreeDOS' FreeCOM and 4DOS both do.


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