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MUPDF/DGJPP test release! (Users)

posted by Doug(R) E-mail, 21.02.2011, 04:31

> And here is the first beta of graphical mupdf viewer for DOS :)
> tune crtc.cfg for best performance/compatability
> It should work also in VGA mode 13h if VESA VBE not found

MuPDF.exe. It ran right out of the box -- i didn't need to tweak
CRT.CFG. (Intel 865G video chipset on m/b, VBE 3.0, tweaked with
VBEHz on bootup.)

Display/scroll speed is fine for me (2.8ghz P4), but i can see
how it could possibly be an issue on slower machines. I don't
think DOS can use video hardware acceleration.

F1 keypress displays a superimposed list of keyboard keys and
their functions. It fades in a few seconds without the need to
press another key.

The CRTC.CFG file has a comment line that sez: "set calculated
CRTC data for current videomode, for calc. run GTFCALC program".
"GTF" stands for "Generalized Timing Formula", a VESA standard
for CRT systems:

Unfortunately, the link on that page to a spreadsheet on the VESA
site that helps you calculate the params is broken. However, i
found a copy here:

You must be messin' close to the hardware, eh?

So, wow. An up-to-date, self-contained PDF viewer for DOS.
Totally awesome. RayeR... you da MAN! (And that was a *really*
quick turnaround time.)

- Doug B.


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