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MUPDF/DGJPP test release! (Users)

posted by Zyzzle(R), 21.02.2011, 07:47

Very impressive! A new and indispensible DOS application in 2011 that fills a real need! Kudos to you for keeping DOS alive and thriving...

This worked extremely well out of the box, on all of my systems. I even tweaked it to display PDFs in my netbook's native 1024x600 resolution (1:1 pixel mapping), but have yet to figure out the exact refresh rate timings, etc.

It has worked with every PDF I've thrown at it! What a piece of magic, and a gift for the DOS community.

The PDFCLEAN.EXE utility is wonderful. I found that a great way to archive .PDFs is to use the -ggg option combined with the -d (decompress) options and then recompress the .PDFs with 7zip (the excellent DOS port of 9.13). Saves hundreds of MBs with the much more efficient lzma compression over the default deflate algorithms used in PDFs.


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