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Recommendations for Porting a 16 bit DOS Application (DOSX)

posted by Jerry, 15.10.2007, 23:45

> So your compiler doesn't support anything besides 16-bit DOS? (Dunno,
> never used VC 1.52 or any version at all, really.) Try
> OpenWatcom (no cost, open source): it
> supports any DOS, OS/2, Windows, and partially GNU/Linux. It also comes
> with a bunch of DOS extenders and has helpfiles included. I'd guess that
> Causeway probably supports VESA, but I dunno for sure.
> Of course, if you ever intend to run on Windows Vista (or similar), DOS
> full-screen apps won't work at all. In that case, you have to port
> it to Windows (or run under something like their
> Virtual
> PC 2007).

I was thinking that I could port to MS Visual C 6.0 (already licensed) with the least amount of rewrite. I'll need to investigate the open Watcom compilers. It sounds like that is the preferred approach these days. I didn't know that Vista no longer supports the DOS Box emulation. Have they eliminated NTVDM altogether in this latest version? I've been running the application under Virtual PC 2007 for my development and it's alot slower; most notably, the GUI refresh is very slow. If this is the case, I'll probably abort the port.


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