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MUPDF/DGJPP test release! (Users)

posted by travolter(R), 21.02.2011, 15:00
(edited by travolter on 21.02.2011, 15:18)

> New beta 0.2 to test
> - args are case insensitive
> - DPI is recalculated on startup so it should fit the screen (if you not
> override by -r ...)
> - y_offset is reset when page # changed and zoomed
> - go to page will be possible, it will require some input dialog or
> something interactive than just blind key combo...

Hey!! each time all working better.
Fit screen and Y-offset resets nice features.

I have request for you if possible.

I was testing this new version. The pages display full screen and if I move to next pages they load fast ( ok my p166mmx need arround 150ms), but the problem comes with laptops and small screens.

If I have a small screen.. I need to zoom-in because I cannt read the page properly (tiny words)... I notice mupdf resize at extra-quality.

request: could be posible add other resize mode options for low CPU users or people that need to render each image constantly cause they display the images zoomed-in and need to scroll down very often?

I dont know if you are using lanczos/spline resize because quality is amazing... can you try to add linear,bilinear, point resize or others?. If this option is available in the cfg file users can find their best balance between speed and image quality :)


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