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Recommendations for Porting a 16 bit DOS Application (DOSX)

posted by Rugxulo(R) Homepage, Usono, 16.10.2007, 00:22

> I didn't know that Vista no longer supports the DOS Box emulation.
> Have they eliminated NTVDM altogether in this latest version? I've been
> running the application under Virtual PC 2007 for my development and it's
> alot slower; most notably, the GUI refresh is very slow. If this is the
> case, I'll probably abort the port.

NTVDM exists and simple non-graphical DOS stuff works fine but only in a window, full-screen is completely disallowed (driver issues due to new WDDM driver model or whatever). This is not local to my copy of Vista. You have to use something else (e.g. DOSBox) if you want graphics. However, Win64 (any version) lacks V86 mode, so no 16-bit stuff (DOS or Windows) works there (except via cpu emulation like DOSBox or what DOSEMU supposedly does).

Know your limits.h


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