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mplayer under dos/hx (DOSX)

posted by travolter(R), 21.02.2011, 19:43

> Unfortunately I have no more of any of my builds, as I became disappointed
> with the project. If someone still has the last build I posted, perhaps he
> may help.

oh! a pity.. Im using your player each night to watch movies. I was QV user but mplayer supports every format available today ;)

@RayeR big thanks for the upload. If this is the last version ll conserve it like gold.

Hey maybe any of you can help me.

This version uses Allegro for audio.. so its a bit different from official Mplayer.
There are special command lines to change allegro audio options?

for example I have a SBpro.. and I notice that mplayer is playing at 22050 stereo.. I would want to change playback to 44100 mono.

I know that you can use Stereo=1 inside the mplayer config file to change to mono in the official Mplayer.. but no idea if its working in this allegro version (I have a single speaker in this computer).

what about the samplerate? I know that there are resample comandline options inside mplayer.. but Im not looking for that.. I just need to set allegro to use 44100 samplerate instead 22050

Its possible change playback bits (8/16)?


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