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MUPDF/DGJPP test release! (Users)

posted by RayeR(R) Homepage, CZ, 22.02.2011, 01:50
(edited by RayeR on 22.02.2011, 02:48)

> There is any other setting to change the quality of the output rendered
> image so maybe it can be generated/displayed faster?

I don't know yet, I'm busy with viewer, someone else may browse sources for it. I think there will be more places where the interpolation is solved, probably different for vectors, fonts and bitmaps. There are also some space to optimize used libs for decoding Jpegs, Z...

I tried to recompile MuPDF with some better optimizations, maybe help little bit
-O3 -DNDEBUG -fomit-frame-pointer -frerun-loop-opt -ffast-math -march=pentium-mmx
But I didn't rebuil all libs.
I also changed profiling debug output, you should see total render time and img blit time. I got very different numbers in 2 test case:
real PC: 25 / 24 ms (800x600/32bpp bankswitch (under XP))
DOSBox: 253 / 10 ms - so here you can see the effect of slow CPU but fast gfx.
So it would be interesting what is your ratio (low performance CPU vs low bandwith LFB transfer).
I have VESATEST log from one old Pentium 1 machine with old PCI VGA:

Generated by Martin's VGA13/VESA driver test 1.41
Host CPU id: 52Ch, host OS: DOS

VESA VBE 2.0 SiS super VGA chip. [4096 kB], SiS 6326

Probing VESA videomode 1024x768/24
VideoModeNumber = 4118h
2359296 kB allocated for FrameBuffer
LFB Selector = C7h
LFB PhysBasePtr = F0000000 h
Measured refresh rate = 87.39 Hz
Measured 19 FPS (FrameBuffer>VRAM)
(transfer speed 43 MB/s)

You can download and measure it here

DOS gives me freedom to unlimited HW access.


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