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MUPDF/DGJPP test release! (Users)

posted by travolter(R), 22.02.2011, 17:18

> > I notice that I never enabled write combing under msdos.. Ill try with
> > it... mayeb I gain some speed
> You are using bank switched mode, enabling LFB should give better result.

Im testing with this line:

vesatest 640 480 16 lfb and yes.. the test run in LFB mode.. I get better result..

The problem is that I cannot enable LFB in my computer.. Im trying your app MTRRLFBE.EXE and I cannt enable it.

I have same problem with FASTVID. It includes a program to test LFB and yes.. the test run ok.. I got better performance in LFB than in VGA mode.. but again I cannt enable LBS for use it in all my programs

I can enable LFB in my p166mmx .. or that feature is only available for pentium pro, pentium II processors?


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