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PDF DOC DOCX ODT RTFM - document formats please help to comp (Users)

posted by Doug(R) E-mail, 23.02.2011, 04:46

I also use Victor B. Wagner's CatDoc in DOS to display the text
portion of .DOC files... and it does .RTF as well! (So you might
want to update the Wiki.) Here's the link:

It only does the text portion of the file and outputs it to
StdOut... so you need something to capture the output and page it
(like LIST). But that's the same as for AntiWord if viewing the
text output on the console.

The CatDoc package includes a couple of other MS Office tools as
well (convert Excel spreadsheets to comma-delimited, extract text
from PowerPoint files).

As far as my experience goes, CatDoc and AntiWord (and the others
i mentioned) each have their pluses and minuses... neither is
"perfect". And you have to set them up properly.

- Doug B.

P.S. Last CatDoc update was Feb 2006. Last AntiWord was Oct
2005. Both look frozen....


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