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mplayer under dos/hx (DOSX)

posted by Zyzzle(R), 23.02.2011, 11:24

> I still have the source code, when I will find some time perhaps I will
> create the patch files and put them somewhere. I got disappointed because
> there is no solution for hardware acceleration in DOS for newer video
> cards, so mplayer is slow, and on the other hand ffmpeg, which was already
> a mess, became an even greater mess.

I agree that the project should be kept alive, at least someone might try recompiling it at a later date. Sound is dicey, bssut who knows?? Maybe Mpxplay code?

Sherpya's binary r32848 seems to support Blu-Ray playback through libbluray. How neat would it be for us stalwart DOS users to get that possibilty through a new DJGPP port? But first we would need a working UDF 2.5 driver, right? Well, I guess Blu-Ray in DOS will be pretty hard to accomplish... We would need an extremely fast PC (no 2D-hardware acceleration exists for newer cards in DOS!), a UDF 2.5 driver, AND libbluray ported to DJGPP in Mplayer! Not to mention the 2 Gb / 4 GB limit would need to be overcome, but UDF does "do away" with it, at least when talking about raw sectors on optical discs.


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