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"glennmcc . org/rayandrews" files | source code | WATTCOM (Sandbox)

posted by rayandrews(R), 23.02.2011, 18:15


Sorry for taking time with this reply, I've been busy at work.

> > Better not play with the latest cores, they are buggy fo sure!
> What to test ? is the complete package, including a stable core. is a bit more recent but more experimental.

> The problem are not that much 32-bit instrucsions, but more likely the
> protected mode:
> mov  ax, $A000 ; VGA area
> mov  ds, ax    ; RM: fine | PM: GPF !!!

> 16-bit registers do work in 32-bit mode too, they are just hell slow
> :crying: (optimize later !!!).

Sure, I think that's what I meant, but this is all beyond my
knowledge. All I know is that there's some work to do.

> I could help with the PM (and with VESA mode search), but I have no
> experience with C+ASM mixing using a linker :-(
That's were we need some more help.

> When did you split your fork from Glennmcc's one ? Did you at least
> exchange some patches after ?

Sure, dozens of them. Wherever Glenn likes some fix of mine he imported it to 1.9x
branch. Apart from the improved video resolution just done, the last patch of 1.95 was
due to a fix from me just last month, what we called the 'slow .gif' bug.

As to the fork. At first my goal was to just clean up the old source code, which, as everyone knows is famous for being the worst mess anyone ever saw. What I called 'base 1' produced an identical .exe but had proper formating and removal of dead contitionals (#ifdef AGP, etc.)
In those days we had several developers, and about half preferred my code, and the other half preferred to use the old ones. I had no thought to create a 'fork' as such, but the 'clean code' developers started doing work, and it just gradually got more and more different. I imported every improvement of 'dirty code' fork but the opposite is not always true. Basically the 'dirty code' people thought nothing should ever be removed from the old SRC incase it turned out to be useful some day. The 'clean code' people thought anything useful could just be restored if needed, and so it is to this day.


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