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PDF DOC DOCX ODT RTFM - document formats please help to comp (Users)

posted by Doug(R) E-mail, 23.02.2011, 19:16

>>> I have used Antiword in DOS - better than nothing by a long
>> What do you use now ?
> Either antiword or view,

Gosh -- I forgot about Malcolm Drury's (now-freeware, but closed-
source) View:

It's a DOS 16-bit TUI menu + paging viewer for the text portions
of these document types:

Windows Write / Wordpad
Word for Windows
DOS Word
Mac Word
Rich Text Format
Ami Pro Wordstar
Microsoft Publisher
HTML-formatted files

I'm not sure of what document versions it supports -- the last
VIEW update was Feb 2002 (about 4 years before the latest CatDoc
and AntiWord). Interestingly, it displays the raw text strings
of any file it doesn't decode -- useful for taking a quick look
through executable binaries, unknown document formats, etc.

Don't forget to use the separate configuration program,
especially if the program defaults to 25-rows when your DOS
screen is longer. (You can also reset colors and other

Freeware, because he's no longer developing it.

> I have no Windows beyond 3.1 !

I actually keep Win 3.11 around on an old computer, just for
those Win16 programs i don't want to load on my "pimped-up"
Win9x system. Yet i still do about 90% of my computing work in
DOS... by choice!

BTW, M$ released a few free upgrades for Win 3.1 to Win 3.11.
Probably not at the M$ site anymore, but i've run into them
elsewhere on the web. There's also a M$ (partial) Win32
upgrade for Win 3x.

- Doug B.


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