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Mplayer HX vs DGJPP | MPXPLAY | C99 | WATCOM vs DGJPP | sou (DOSX)

posted by DOS386(R), 24.02.2011, 08:06

> the Khusraw release is very good, and maybe faster than Sherpya's one.

I could not reproduce any performance diff in decoding.

Mpxplay wrote:

> > > hand ffmpeg, which was already a mess, became an even greater mess
> > Any more exact observations about what's evil ?
> Most of the code is simply over-complicated.


> maybe other people say the same thing about my source too

Every source I have found so far was messy ... except trivial examples ("Hello World Plus") and FASM source. But latter has no comments so it is not understandable either :-(

Mpxplay wrote (other threads):

> btw. my primary problem is rather that, the Watcom
> compiler cannot compile C99 code :-\

> Because later (this means years) I would like to use an
> other compiler (probably GCC) for Mpxplay

Or push WATCOM devels :-\

> runtime CPU detection dependent code was broken, and I read on their board
> that they had no intention to fix this (i.e. defining HAVE_MMX implied that it
> necessarily used MMX code).

See also other thread, MMX code polluted by CMOVNTQ: msg=9466

This is a LOGITECH mouse driver, but some software expect here
the following string:*** This is Copyright 1983 Microsoft ***


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