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"glennmcc . org/rayandrews" files | source code | WATTCOM (Sandbox)

posted by DOS386(R), 24.02.2011, 08:27

> is the complete package, including a stable core


There is a "Corrupt-BLACK-BUG" :-(

> > When did you split your fork from Glennmcc's one ? Did you at least
> > exchange some patches after ?
> Sure, dozens of them. Wherever Glenn likes some fix of mine he imported it
> to 1.9x branch. Apart from the improved video resolution just done, the last patch
> of 1.95 was due to a fix from me just last month, what we called the 'slow .gif' bug.

But Glennmcc's 1.95 is dead since 2008-Nov/Dec ? Downloaded: installer EXE is 2008, CORE.EXE inside 2009 :confused:

Thanks for the "documentation" provided in this thread :-) (packaged with Arachne would be even better).

BTW, Glennmcc's has a strange "no 16bpp if C: is full - BUG" :-(

This is a LOGITECH mouse driver, but some software expect here
the following string:*** This is Copyright 1983 Microsoft ***


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