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mplayer under dos/hx | Khusraw's source code (DOSX)

posted by RayeR(R) Homepage, CZ, 24.02.2011, 14:13

> The order is wrong. First you have to start the SDR (with QV) and then my
> Audigy 2 patch. But it's possible only if QV have an "open DOS shell"
> function (start QV with the SDR, open DOS shell, start my patch, return to
> QV). I don't really know QV, but I assume it has no such function...

Aha, I trierd it that I boot, run patch and then run QV but I don't know how to do it reverse order. What the patch exactly do? Is the change permanent?

Can you tell how much differs EMU10k2 from EMU10k1 and what needs to be rewritten in the driver source? I hope you have more experiences with it when you implemented it in mpxplay where audigy 2 works fine (also without that patch) I just changed PCI ID in binary and it probably needs more.

I found EMU10k1.sdr sources on Laaca site - it's combination of one ASM file (probably core) and one C file (io.c) probably some interface. So making changes is possible at source level. But I didn't succeed with compiling. ASM module was fine but C file had some warnings and errors - Laaca, what version of Borland C you used? In the d.bat is a link calling bcc32.exe I tried it with BC 3.1 for DOS and BC 4.0 for windows but same error.

DOS gives me freedom to unlimited HW access.


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