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Mplayer HX vs DGJPP | MPXPLAY | C99 | WATCOM vs DGJPP | sou (DOSX)

posted by travolter(R), 24.02.2011, 14:53
(edited by travolter on 24.02.2011, 15:39)

> > Khusraw mplayer: VO: vesa AO: allegro
> Only my first build had AO allegro, the rest had AO WSS which should work
> OK with your SB sound card. What video card do you have, there is no
> svgalib support for it?

hey... did you implement some command line option in allegro or WSS version to change audio options? here the SBpro is always playing at 22050 stereo but I want to use the 44100 mono mode on SBpro

The videocard is a VESA VBE 2.0 MagicGraph 128XD 40K SVGA BIOS [1984 kB]
I think that I can work in VO:vesa only ... no vidix driver for my card

How can I enable svgalib? Here using DOS/win98.. I though svgalib was only for linux


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