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"glennmcc . org/rayandrews" files | source code | WATTCOM (Sandbox)

posted by rayandrews(R), 24.02.2011, 16:07

> There is a "Corrupt-BLACK-BUG" :-(
Sorry, I don't know what you mean -- but I can see those colors are
totally wrong. I'm In linux right now, I'll try loading this from DOS
and see what happens.

> But Glennmcc's 1.95 is dead since 2008-Nov/Dec ? Downloaded: installer EXE
> is 2008, CORE.EXE inside 2009 :confused:

Maybe coming to life again :-)
What do you mean 'installer EXE?

> Thanks for the "documentation" provided in this thread :-) (packaged with
> Arachne would be even better).
My documentation is virtually nothing because I wanted to get it finalized before documenting it. Especially the directory structure. BTW, I forgot to mention, my core is designed for easy translation into other languages than English. We had a Russian version up to date until about two years ago. Almost all text is found in 'mess-eng.c / messages.h' and somewhere you will find 'mess-rus.c'. It would be maybe a few days work to translate it into
Deutsche or Czech.

> BTW, Glennmcc's has a strange "no 16bpp if C: is full - BUG" :-(


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