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mplayer under dos/hx | Khusraw's source code (DOSX)

posted by Mpxplay(R), 24.02.2011, 21:19

> > The order is wrong. First you have to start the SDR (with QV) and then
> my
> > Audigy 2 patch. But it's possible only if QV have an "open DOS shell"
> > function (start QV with the SDR, open DOS shell, start my patch, return
> to
> > QV). I don't really know QV, but I assume it has no such function...
> Aha, I trierd it that I boot, run patch and then run QV but I don't know
> how to do it reverse order.

Maybe I was wrong, because if that SDR is made for SB Live, my patch will never help. My patch works only at an Audigy 1 driver, using on Audigy 2 cards.

> What the patch exactly do? Is the change permanent?

Modifies the hw DSP config of the soundcard (in the soundcard, not in the driver). So, it's a hardware config patch, not a software one.
The next shutdown/reboot resets the DSP of the soundcard too, losing the settings of my patch.


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