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Mplayer HX vs DGJPP | MPXPLAY | C99 | WATCOM vs DGJPP | sou (DOSX)

posted by travolter(R), 25.02.2011, 13:22

> > The videocard is a VESA VBE 2.0 MagicGraph 128XD 40K SVGA BIOS [1984 kB]
> > I think that I can work in VO:vesa only ... no vidix driver for my card
> > How can I enable svgalib? Here using DOS/win98.. I though svgalib was
> only
> > for linux
> If you have my build supporting svgalib's 1.9.25 video drivers, use mplayer
> with -vo svga and edit libvga.cfg to use chipset NEOMAGIC. Good luck!

I found your svgalib version and its working.. but at moment VESA continue being faster than svgalib.

I notice that svgalib version load automatically the Scale filter of mplayer to get correct colorspaces.. and that comsume precious cpu cycles ;/

QV has options for hardware scaler and software scaler...

Its posible enable hardware scaler in Mplayer?

If you use mplayer -x -y for ratio correction you need extra cpu... so its not good option for low CPU users


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