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posted by Khusraw(R) E-mail, Bucharest, Romania, 25.02.2011, 14:05
(edited by Khusraw on 25.02.2011, 14:18)

> I found your svgalib version and its working.. but at moment VESA continue
> being faster than svgalib.

I really doubt that VESA is faster than svgalib's accelerated Neomagic driver. Are you sure that you have a rightly configured libvga.cfg? Even svgalib's VESA driver is as fast as -vo VESA, as I could see on all my systems (and in fact it can't be otherwise).

> I notice that svgalib version load automatically the Scale filter of
> mplayer to get correct colorspaces.. and that comsume precious cpu cycles
> ;/

I don't understand at all what you mean.

> QV has options for hardware scaler and software scaler...
> Its posible enable hardware scaler in Mplayer?

The vidix video output supports hardware scaling. Neither -vo vesa, nor -vo svga are real solutions for mplayer. I added svgalib support because it provides hardware accelerated blitting for some older video cards, so it should be faster than -vo vesa with those cards.


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