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A couple of MuPDF bugs. (Users)

posted by Doug(R) E-mail, 02.03.2011, 07:54

> Did you tried also with last beta 0.3 (already posted here)
> ? I got opened page 1.

Oops... beta 3 must've slipped by me somehow. Ok, i downloaded it, and beta 3 works ok as far as opening a file on page 1.

> Hm that's I'm afraid of that it would sometimes require color conversion.
> So I cannot rely that engine gives me always RGBA order :( First I need to
> know how to read the current color format. If the affected PDF is up to few
> megs send me it via mail.

I can send a couple of small PDF files that exhibit the RGB/BGR bug, but i can't seem to find an email address for you. Not listed on your "User info" page, and when i click on "Personal message to RayeR", i still can't see how to attach files!

If you want, you can PM me (i think my address is listed), and i can email the files to you. Or i can just email you the URLs i downloaded the PDFs from.

- Doug B.


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