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PDF DOC DOCX ODT RTFM - document formats please help to comp (Users)

posted by Doug(R) E-mail, 21.03.2011, 23:34

Hey. Two things:

1) I've been using MSVCRT.DLL v6.10.9848.0 which runs ODT2TXT.EXE
fine on my system with HX v2.17 (i think it's the newest beta)
and MS-DOS 7.1. This MSVCRT version came from an "unofficial"
upgrade/fix on MDGX's page (but it looks like a M$ update

2) ODT2HTM.EXE seems to be generally working ok for me, on my
limited number of not-very-complex .ODT documents. No big
issues, but...

One thing i did notice was that it often leaves an intermediary
file behind (doesn't delete it). In particular, it leaves behind
a MANIFEST.RDF file with all the files i've created using Open
Office Writer. On one of my files it also left behind one .JPG
(there were two in that particular file), and on an .ODT file i
got from somewhere else it left behind a .WMF file.

Another thing (and i don't know how detailed or specific you want
me to be, but erring on the side of inclusiveness...), i noticed
that some minor appearance/formatting things didn't come through,
like boldfacing, underlining, font sizing, and leading

Anyway, hope that helps. It's great to see DOS proggies continue
to be developed!

- Doug B.


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