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PDF DOC DOCX ODT RTFM - document formats please help to comp (Users)

posted by ron(R) Homepage E-mail, Australia, 22.03.2011, 00:32

> 2) ODT2HTM.EXE seems to be generally working ok for me, on my
> limited number of not-very-complex .ODT documents. No big
> issues, but...
> One thing i did notice was that it often leaves an intermediary
> file behind (doesn't delete it). In particular, it leaves behind
> a MANIFEST.RDF file with all the files i've created using Open
> Office Writer. On one of my files it also left behind one .JPG
> (there were two in that particular file), and on an .ODT file i
> got from somewhere else it left behind a .WMF file.

That is exactly the info I need. As I posted, I only have one .odt file
to test with, and I have deleted all "left-overs" for that one.
I will see to MANIFEST.RDF and image files (didn't know .odt has those).
I had better see if I need to include image files in the output file, but I
will have to find one with them included to see how it is being linked.

> Another thing (and i don't know how detailed or specific you want
> me to be, but erring on the side of inclusiveness...), i noticed
> that some minor appearance/formatting things didn't come through,
> like boldfacing, underlining, font sizing, and leading
> whitespace.

My (only) test file did not include boldfacing, underlining.
It did have font specifications (many, many) but never used any in anger.
I will hold leading whitespace in reserve for the moment.
I need to see these things "in the flesh" in order to hack my way through

Can you email me one with these features ? Or point to one ?


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