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DOS mouse driver could convert wheel to arrow keypresses (Miscellaneous)

posted by Rugxulo(R) Homepage, Usono, 18.04.2011, 22:13

> > Do CTMouse maintainers hang out this way ? What about the idea ?
> Afaik Eric Auer made last changes to CT mouse before 2-3 years so it seems
> to be abandoned now...

Eric is now the de facto maintainer, having been given this permission from original author Daniel Nagy. Thus, he updated the website and switched from TASM to JWasm. I haven't heard any changes lately, though, at least not since 2.1 beta 4 (circa 2008). Apparently there was some JWasm version issues, and I can't remember, possibly Japheth updated the source for it, but that wasn't ever widely propagated (yet?).

Eric doesn't post on this forum, too busy I guess, but he does read it sometimes. Here's what he said:

> somebody on the BTTR forum wondered whether you can connect the mouse
> wheel to simulated arrow key key presses... This immediately reminded
> me of MOUSKEYS and interestingly, the author of version 3.05 which
> apparently is part of FreeDOS 1.0 is no other than Bret Johnson.
> I think he might be quite happy to add wheel use to his tool which
> fits the forum idea so well ;-)
> In any case I think mouse to keyboard mapping is better a separate
> tool, not a part of cutemouse.

Bret himself, today on freedos-user mailing list ("Problem with USB keyboard in some computers") said this: "I do intend to add support for wheels in the next version of MOUSKEYS, though I doubt that it will happen this year."

Just FYI ....


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