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Recommendations for Porting a 16 bit DOS Application (DOSX)

posted by RayeR(R) Homepage, CZ, 17.10.2007, 10:44

> Vista shares the same kernel as Win2k8, right? And yet ...

You mean Vienna?

I found another source of problems with running VGA/VESA DOS programs fullscreeen under NT/2K/XP NTVDM - New nVidia BIOSes are missing some functions
(VBE-PM?) which cause that any VGA/VESA program I run displays only black screen ad hangs. It happened on 7600GS after VGA BIOS update. The new version is about 5kB smaller so it's clear that something is missing. Solution is downgrade back or use hook driver which gives back some missing functionality. After I installed it I can run VGA/VESA DOS progams as before under XP.

> DOSBox recently got a dynamic core and is now (in 0.72) set to "core=auto"
> to automatically switch for better performance. Yet, it's still slower than
> a real cpu because it targets multiple architectures (e.g. Mac PPC). Still,

I have C2D E6400 and it still doesn't have enough power to run latest dos games under dosbox in high resolution. I thing dgVoodoo VESA emu + VDMsound is best choice fot this when it can run native in NTVDM. If not, DOSBOX is ready.

DOS gives me freedom to unlimited HW access.


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