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03.03.2013, 23:00

ICHINIT does not compile... (Developers)

I downloaded ICHINIT from and tried to recompile it using Turbo Assembler, but it fails. TASM chokes with a message like "Cannot find label proceed2 at line 546".

Looking inside ichinit.asm at that line, the code reads

; get ICH base address regs for mixer and bus master
cmp [hda_access], 1
jne proceed2
errormsg 'Error : High Definition Audio controllers not supported yet!'

and there seems to be no definition for that label.

By the way, my interpretation of how that code works is: "if the card is not HDA (hda_access is not 1), proceed, otherwise, print an error message and exit", or, in other words, "HDA cards are not supported". Is that correct?

Then,a few lines below...

; get addresses for memory maped IO
cmp [memory_access], 1
jne proceed3 ; go for IO access

; get addresses for port IO

"If memory_access is 1, jump to proceed3, otherwise go to the next instruction, which is proceed3 anyway...", sounds strange: is it just me or is this code syntactically correct but weird?



04.03.2013, 04:18

@ Fabrizio

ICHINIT does not compile...

AFAIK ICHINIT was some relict of older JUDAS, latest version doesn't need it (this function is built-in) so no need to bother with ICHINIT compilation.
BTW in compile.bat I see nasm and wcl is used, not tasm, so try with nasm...

DOS gives me freedom to unlimited HW access.

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