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Magenta (Italy),
16.12.2014, 13:45

problem with keyboard on freedos 1.1 (Users)

i' va notebook toshiba 128 mb ram with pentium 3 and ONLY installed freedos 1.1.
Sometime, if i typing fast on keyboard ,the cursor instead move left to right and descend at end of row, make a "jump" on previusly rows and insert text in wrongh place.
I've recognized this problem also on a dell with centrino core and Puppy linux 2.8.5 and solved changing video driver to simple vesa.

The most part of problems in freedos it's using FLTK derivated dos program (i.e Flwriter ).

Someone have suggestions?



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Rio Rancho, NM,
17.12.2014, 17:00

@ iw2evk

problem with keyboard on freedos 1.1

A couple of suggestions on things to try. If the laptop has a mouse touch-pad (usually located directly below the keyboard), your problem could be related to accidentally touching the mouse pad with you palms. This is unlikely unless you have some appropriate mouse drivers loaded, though. On my machines, I have mouse drivers loaded that can cause this kind of grief for me on laptops, but I am able to disable/ignore the mouse pad when I need/want to.

You could also try installing a keyboard driver (KEYB) and see if that fixes the problem. I would suggest trying Microsoft's KEYB program first (from DOS 6 or 7), not any of the "clones", like those from FreeDOS. The KEYB clones don't work the same way MS-KEYB does, and usually don't help with problems like this.

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