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Magenta (Italy),
18.07.2015, 18:00

teapot spreadsheth (Developers)


i've found a intersting spreadsheth open source program maybe ported to dos with djgpp
Can use curses interface or fltk interface and can import popular spreadsheth format and export in may kinds of files.

the 1st release (see on bottom of page)it's the possible candidate for porting
I've tried to modify tjhe makefile but have problem with pdcurses in djgpp instead ncurses in linux and malloc (djgpp support malloc?)
If someone want to try the porting repoerts are welcome!




26.07.2015, 23:36

@ iw2evk

teapot spreadsheth

What problem with malloc? It's implemented in DJGPP for many years...

DOS gives me freedom to unlimited HW access.


Magenta (Italy),
08.08.2015, 13:51

@ RayeR

teapot spreadsheth 2.02 beta

HI ,
a beta version of teapot spreadsheth build from Georg Potthast can be download from
Note : it's a beta stage , in load/ save box you can wrote the name of file . Don't hurry if you don't see the name , the file can be load/save anyway..

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