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Magenta (Italy),
24.10.2015, 20:27

transfer file from winphone and pc with wifi (Users)


i've found on puppy linux forum a post regarding possibility to transfert files from win smartphones and pc
This is the part of message :


If you have a wifi router I suggest to use a free app from Microsoft store, named Flyer Files.

It turns your LUMIA into a http file server, lets you choose the folders to share through wifi so that any PC or tablet on the same WIfi net will be able to see & download using a web browser.

Just turn on WIFI on the phone, run Flyer Files app and add folders you want to share.

On the PC side, open a browser and insert the address shown on the Flyer app.


You will be prompted for the password generated by the Flyer app. Insert it and here you go. You'll see the files on Lumia phone and you'll be able to download them.

Very simple and works with every OS with a decent browser (Mac, Linux, Microsoft, android etc).

There are other free Lumia apps that do the same job, just google 'lumia wifi transfer files' and choose the one you like most.


i suppose can be used also in dos wifi .

Reports are welcome.

Roberto iw2evk

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