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Buenos Aires - Argentina,
03.10.2018, 17:24
(edited by dggionco, 03.10.2018, 17:37)

Mpxplay v1.62 (Announce)

MPXplay v1.62 it`s out

Release date: June 2, 2018


Diffs between v1.62 and v1.61

-added "Open new output file", "Add timestamp" and "Save into a CUE" switches to stream copy start window (diskfile.c)
-indexed headerless streams (MP3,AAC,AC3,DTS,TS) can be byte-split (not frame!) by ALT-F5 (copy the index into new file) (note: all files are split, but output can be incorrect) (diskfile.c)
-added Elapsed time to Stream copy window (diskfile.c)
-added Pause and Cancel buttons to file copy/move window (diskfile.c)
-reduced default LoudnessBass from 140 to 130 (fx_tone.c, mpxplay.ini)
-added new PCI ids to Intel HDA soundcard driver (sc_ihd.c)
-Vorbis audio in MP4 container (in_mp4.c, mpxplay.h)
-http redirection (ERR303) handling (content filesize clear) (drv_http.c)
-http to https redirection caused program crash (now the open simply fails) (drv_http.c)
-http reconnect handling (once it's connected, reconnect retry is longer) (drv_http.c)
-missing [LIST] and <DIR> descriptor at file-copying playlist/dir (diskfile.c, loadlist.c)
-file info window (F3) didn't follow properly manual playlist skips (+/-) (auto-skip/eof is not followed) (diskfile.c)
-file copy/move/del: "Waiting for the higher priority processes" could crash the program (diskfile.c)
-file copy/move: wrong number of total files calculation (diskfile.c)
-ICE list download, if filesize is missing (drv_ice.c, drv_http.c, tcpcommon.c, diskdriv.c)
-various fixes for better program stability (mpxplay.c/frp-flipflop)


15.10.2018, 19:59

@ dggionco

Mpxplay v1.62

for the Honour of DOS!

Thank you :)
I updated my system with this version.

DOS isn't about why. It's about why not.

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