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Czech republic,
05.02.2019, 15:19

Mpxplay v1.63 (Announce)

You have probably noticed it however just to be mentioned here:
The new version of Mpxplay is available:

Mpxplay v1.63 (all console versions) is released on

diffs between v1.63 and v1.62
-relesed a new FFmpeg Win32 console version, which uses the demultiplexing and audio decoding of MMC
-added minimalist XSPF playlist file loading (filenames only)
-increased max number of audio channels to 11
-DOS: added new PCI ids to Intel HDA soundcard driver
-corrected ASX playlist file loading
-http: reduced/removed unneccessary delay at redirected urls (faster connection)
-wrong ID3 info displaying after artist/title change (scrolling has stopped, possible possible buffer overflow) (eg: updated from http metadata)
-possible buffer overflow at displaying header informations
-corrected editor update at file copy from playlist "with Subdirs" (went wrong in v1.62)
-possible crash at exit (timer functions deallocation)
-WIN: console input (keyboard/mouse) handling (Win10, mouse wheel)


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