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Berlin, Germany,
25.05.2019, 20:02

FASM 1.73.12 (Announce)

On 19 May 2019 Tomasz Grysztar released version 1.73.12.

Home page:

version 1.73.12 (May 19, 2019)

[-] Implied memory size allowed for 16-bit "movzx"/"movsx".



14.06.2019, 01:41

@ rr

fasmg + legacy 16-bit sources

FASM 1 is still good, of course (FASMD!), but I think Tomasz prefers fasmg nowadays, which he considers superior in all ways (except speed). There's no "official" DOS port (yet?), but you can run the Win32 binary under Japheth's HX. (There also was a 2017 attempt by CandyMan, but that version hasn't been kept up-to-date.)

So, while it's still interesting to keep track of legacy FASM (and certainly I don't claim to understand fasmg macros!), it's somewhat sidelined these days.

For instance, I think Assembling legacy 16-bit sources with fasmg is more interesting than yet another, boring minor FASM update. (No offense, you hopefully know what I mean.)

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