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29.11.2019, 21:50

using links for dos better with speech? (Users)

Greetings folks,
I admit this question is a tad unique. Downloaded the .exe file for
links referenced in an earlier thread, the most recent from August, that
incorporates Javascript.
while I do have the program basically running, including activating the
numbered links feature, I do have an additional problem.
I am a screen reader user, in some programs, sshdos for example, there is
an option that helps the program interact better with speech. Writing
to the screen in a fashion that allows things to simply be spoken. its
the -b option in sshdos. although I have seen it described as writing to
the BIOS in other DOS programs. Any idea what this option is in links?
I am feeling sure it exists, because when I use links in other settings
my goal is accomplished.
Given there is an option -html-numbered-links 1 that provides another
accessibility solution, I am hopeful.


03.12.2019, 22:32

@ Karen

using links for dos better with speech?

Unfortunately I cannot answer your question, what's more, I have my own question: where did you get a Links version with JS support? I only have 2.15 with JS support Mikulaš compiled for me, and I don't want to bother him with this for every version, but I myself didn't have enough time to collect all the rewuired libraries for DOS, so I am still unable to compile Links for DOS myself. I would like the latest version with JS.

DOS isn't about why. It's about why not.



06.12.2019, 01:02

@ KormaX

using links for dos better with speech?

Well, I will tell you what I did. still, given what you say here, it
might not be complete. How do you reach Mikula, as I truly need an
answer to my question, and the inclusion of things like a braille
terminal make little sense, unless I am missing items as well.
I searched for "links for dos," in this forum. One post indicated
the update, providing a link to an ftp site. on that site are two
files both dated in Aug that are executables, a full edition of
links, and a text edition without Javascript. I simply got both
files. Given the javascr*** edition seeks a .cfg file that is not
included, while still running due to my internet connection
incorporating dhtp, the file I got does not include all of the
libraries, a surprise as those installing the browser for the first
time need them. At the very least there should be a copy distributed
compiled with all one needs to run the browser at its best.

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